I used to coach football.

Why would Leila be offended?

It became his habit by degrees.

You have a sense of humor. I like that.

Don't confuse desire with love.

What became of her?


Three bears lived in that little house.

Who is Alvar Aalto?

There's a man here that wants to see you.

After the game, he went straight home to feed his dog.

Look at Marci's face.

Did you notice anyone else around?

I want to pay in installments.

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I don't know what kind of person he is.


She said she would be sixteen next month.

He plays tennis very well.

I just want them to be happy.

Suzanne explained it again.

Every student has to leave school by six.


I am not deaf.


I was caught in the rain and got soaked to the skin.

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We tried to warn her.


His advice came home to me.


Can somebody get her a drink?

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That tie really suits you.

Earnie has a reef aquarium.

We won't let you down.

What makes America America?

I told you the interview would be a breeze.


You must bear in mind what I've just said to you.


There is little water left.

This shop is open from 9 to 6 o'clock.

Someone's shouted my name.

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Toss the ball to me.


We can discuss this later.

Peter never had to help the girl with drawing.

Our cat fought with someone's else's cat.

He had a rough night.

If you scale the image up it might pixelate.

Wayne admitted having done wrong.

Mr. Jones had Bryce go to the dentist.


Stanislaw said he feels a lot better today.

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A great deal more is possible.

Danielle is in his bedroom talking on the phone.

She knows that.


We already have your name on the list.

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Sangho needs the money desperately.

Judging by what everyone says about him, I think he is just the right man for the post.

I will accept full responsibility for this.


He is a smart boy.

I'm going to stay with him.

Lukas poked his pencil through the hole.

A car is a machine for turning fuel into obesity.

Look in front of you.


What is the best way to learn English?

Even though it's busy today, this bit of work must be finished before leaving.

This is one of my favorite movies.

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You'd better put aside some money for a rainy day.


I love that combination.

I told her to give up on that crazy thought.

I have hardly had a minute lately to think about personal e-mails.


The outcome of any serious research can only be to make two questions grow where only one grew before.

Ravindranath is on antidepressants.

Carolyn is good at both French and English.

I'd still like to work together.

I sometimes wonder if I am a girl.

Rodent is a storm chaser.

Herb is a left-handed pitcher, but bats right-handed.

Let's end this fast.

I refuse to use public restrooms, as they are very unhygenic.


I hope Lana is at home.

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Were you going to the train station when I saw you?

I wish I were rich.

I've never had a problem with it.

That old guy is really nice.

Is it all wrong?


Jocelyn Bell went to a boarding school in England from 1956 until 1961.

How is your surname written?

Rick appeared from the cave.


It took many years to build it.

Sean is turning up the sound of the TV.

Where's the park?

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Summer days can be very, very hot.


I'm not a child.

It seemed like a game to us.

That's how I met your mother.


We are well aware of the fact that he is a specialist in that language, nevertheless he is not allowed to adopt any sentence written in it, since that isn't his mother tongue.


Everything speaks in the universe; there is nothing that doesn't have its language.

They were excited over the news.

How bad is it really?

William is now looking very happy.

It really annoys me when you do that.

Could you make time for me?

May I begin?


We discussed our plans for the future.

Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration, without distinction of any kind, such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status.

Such an event is quite common here.

Avery was sentenced to three weeks of community service.

After the wall was torn down, Berliners could view the two sides of Berlin at once for the first time since 1961.


I'm so wasted.

The beggar turned out to be a thief.

What he said scares me.


He passed the examination with the highest score.

You'd better take her home.

The sentence seems fine to me.

Clifford seldom goes to church.

I'm well acquainted with Jun.

That should tell us something.

I want to lose a few pounds.


I've never felt unsafe in Boston.

It is called a lily.

In a war of ideas it is people who get killed.

You must concentrate entirely on your recovery.

In the morning he too was found dead.


She plays soccer.


Edmond doesn't care what Juri does.

I left my umbrella on the bus.

I wish I had seen it before.

Giovanni quickly reloaded his gun.

I think that you and Jisheng could make a cute couple.


The fourteenth was the furthest from my mind... or was it the fifteenth?

I've got everything I need right here.

The train was ten minutes behind time because of heavy snow.


He does one good deed every day.

That's the one we want.

He wishes to become a doctor.

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I think it's time for me to put new bait on the hook.

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My pet cat died yesterday.

The dollar's exchange rate has dropped dramatically.

The East Asian economies were hit hard by energy price increases.


Valeria appears to have vanished.


I guess my only question for you is why.

What the hell does a priest know about that?

Where is the post office?


Luckily, we have a plan.

Shai went to Boston to look for work.

I agree with you, except for the part about the profits.

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I'm not sure, but I think I hate Annard.

How odd!

He is working hard to pass the examination.

You should totally do that.

I remember that he said that.

I had a very high fever.

Have you spoken to him?

He enthusiastically engaged himself into this honorable undertaking

His music appeals to young people.

You'll learn a lot here.

He does not have any relatives at all.

What time is convenient for you on June seventh?

The party was really fun.


Did you go out?

The weight of aluminium in the Earth's crust corresponds to 8.13% of the total weight.

Herb is scraping her heels.


I wouldn't bet against her.